Black Block

Black Block

Black Block
Chabi Noqueras
Daniel Mcquillan
Lena Zuhlke
Michael Gieser
Niels Martensen
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Through Lena and Niels (Hamburg), Chabi (Zaragoza), Mina (Paris), Dan (London), Michael (Nice) and Muli (Berlin), the film intends to bear witness to what happened to those who experienced first-hand the atrocities of the police blitz at the Diaz School and the tortures inflicted at the Bolzaneto Barracks in Genoa in 2001. In the protagonists’ shared narration, Muli’s story stands out. Muli recounts the reasons why he decided to become engaged in politics, leading up to his participation in Genoa in 2001, the violence he suffered, and his decision to return to Genoa to give evidence in the trials. He went back facing the trauma he suffered, to turn it into an opportunity to find some moral redemption. Through his experience, he embarks on a new political path, he regains the desire for debating and being a member of a group, and, above all, he rediscovers a different Genoa

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