In the Aisles

In the Aisles

In den Gängen
Clemens Meyer
Thomas Stuber
Franz Rogowski
Henning Peker
Peter Kurth
Sandra Hüller
Country of origin:
Berlinale 2018 - Guild Film Prize
Berlinale 2018 - Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Berlinale 2018 - Nominated for Golden Bear

Christian is a loner with a troubled past, a fighter and misfit with an awkward manner. Starting a new chapter of his life, he begins working as a shelf stacker at a warehouse superstore, with his brightest prospect being the opportunity to operate a forklift. Yet for Christian, who has lingered at the very margins of society, even this is a great challenge. His mentor is Bruno, an old lag who initiates the rookie into the microcosm of the workplace, governed by specific rules and divided into the bubbles of its departments. One day, Christian develops a crush on Marion, a charming and flirtatious employee from the delicatessen. In the Aisles is a tender, unpretentious and realistic romance, set in a place from which the sky cannot be seen. 

Beta Cinema


Thomas Stuber

Thomas Stuber (b. 1981), a graduate of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, gained acclaim as a director back during the time of his studies (his film On Dogs and Horses won the Student Academy Award in Silver). In his creations, he mainly focuses on outsiders and those of the periphery of society. Even though it is not the case of the students of an elite boarding school, depicted in his debut, Teenage Angst, it certainly applies to the protagonist of the drama A Heavy Heart, a former boxing champion struggling for survival, and the miscreant on probation, the hero of Stuber’s latest feature, In the Aisles. 
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