Tower. A Bright Day.

premiere Be2Can 2018

Tower. A Bright Day.

Wieża. Jasny dzień.
Jagoda Szelc
Przemyslaw Brynkiewicz
Anna Krotoska
Anna Zubrzycki
Artur Krajewski
Malgorzata Szczerbowska
Mikolaj Chroboczek
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Berlinale 2018
V kinech od 14.06.2018

Mula lives with her husband, ailing mother and daughter Nina in the country. Just before Nina's First Holy Communion, they are visited by Mula's brother, his family and Kaja, her sister and Nina’s biological mother, who had disappeared six year previously. The family believes in reconciliation, but Mula is afraid that Kaja has come to take Nina back. Mula’s apprehension and frustration increase to such a degree that she decides to get rid of Kaja. On the day of the First Communion, the two sisters symbolically reconcile – yet there is another, more important reason for Kaja’s return …

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Jagoda Szelc

The Polish director and screenwriter Jagoda Szelc (b. 1984) studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Performing Arts in Wrocław and at the Film and Television Direction Department of the Polish National Film School in Łódź. She also obtained a scholarship from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Before she decided to create her feature debut, Tower. A Bright Day., which was presented within the Forum section at this year’s Berlinale, she had made 10 short films and documentary etudes, focusing on the topics of female migrants, mourning, loss and growing up.
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