What is Be2Can


Presentation of festival films

Be2Can presents selected top-notch films from the world’s three most prestigious festivals, ap- plying the principle of multi-platform distribution through cinema, TV, VOD and DVD. It strives to provide the audience with an insight into that which is new at the festivals and to show films that are not screened within standard distribu- tion. Be2Can is not confined to mere “presenta- tion”, with its aim being a critical selection and discussion about the actual films, as well as their dramaturgy, policy and awards. Be2Can is a film festival, critical platform and debate forum rolled into one.

Objective programming

Our films are primarily cherry-picked from among the works that have appeared in the main competitions of the three A-list festivals – those in Berlin, Venice and Cannes. Serving as the secondary source are the programmes of their subsidiary competition and non-compe- tition sections. At this level, we in part accept the choices made by the festival programme- makers and juries, and compile the Be2Can schedule on the basis of their pre-selection. We are interested in prize-winning films and the roles played by the major festival awards in gen- eral, even when we do have doubts as to their qualities.

A film gallery

Be2Can does not mechanically take over some- one else’s choices. We perceive the main com- petitions of the big festivals as a representative probe into the current trends of global cinema, as well as a stimulus for polemics. Be2Can offers a strictly curated gallery, which enters into a dialogue with the competition sections. Moreover, it serves as a thorough filter, taking into consideration remarkable works that, for various reasons, may have been overlooked by the festival juries. Be2Can is not just a mirror, it holds up to its viewers a clearly defined view of that which is moving and shaking the contem- porary art film. We build a gallery of cinematic works that, in our opinion, deserve special at- tention.

Festival resonance

At festivals, we listen, read, participate in the debates in the lobby. That helps us to assess which films are particularly vibrant, give rise to discussions and open up new, intriguing topics. This facet may well be even more important for us than the prizes awarded to the films by the juries. The main prize will be forgotten if it is not given to a film possessing the potential of reso- nating with the audience and the critics. On the other hand, a neglected title may in the future resonate much more strongly than a winner of a prestigious award.

Scope for discoveries

Be2Can is not necessarily a march-past of the greatest names that in themselves attract atten- tion. It also focuses on lesser-known creators whose career may be at the very outset yet who afford an innovative view of cinema or present a notable form of poetics, linking up to the dis- tinct trends of festival film. We do not want to offer our audience just tried-and-tested choic- es, we try to motivate them for discovering.

Discussing and listening

A voucher for Be2Can is also an invitation to discussion. We aim to engage the audience in the festival events and provide them with an above-standard information background for the individual films by means of specialist in- troductions, lectures, chats with the creators, master classes... Our objective is to increase the awareness of that which is happening on the festival scene and in turn to instigate robust debate. We do not state facts, we ask. Both ourselves and our audience.

A broader perspective

Films by great creators do not appear in the main competitions out of the blue. Be2Can strives to attentively observe that which has been presented not only beyond the main sec- tions of the “Big 3”, but also at the other major European festivals. And even when some films are not included in the Be2Can programme, we will always take them into consideration when creating the context to our titles – on social net- works, in the festival magazine, as well as in the accompanying lectures.

An open festival

The selection of films is not limited to the portfo- lio of the Film Europe Media Company, the fes- tival’s organiser. The main Be2Can programme section is open to all distributors. Its goal is to raise awareness of art films and gain for them the publicity they so richly deserve.

Guests, not faces

When mulling over those to appear in person for the festival films, we opt for guests who are able to put across a truly compelling view of the creation of the work they represent. We are not concerned with glitz and glamour; we above all strive to present inspiring observations and subjects for discussion.

No pandering to popular taste

Be2Can accepts the fact that our films are not for everyone. Accordingly, we target our com- munication at those who know what they want and why they want it.

The Be2Can team